A Slip & Fall Can Lead to Knee Injury

When people slip and fall onto the ground, it is common for the knees to suffer an impact in the collapse. Unfortunately, our knees are delicate and may endure severe injuries. Damage to knees is different based on the person and how the fall occurred. Below we cover a few of the most common knee injuries as a result of a slip and fall.

#1 Fractures

If someone falls in a forward direction after slipping, he or she will most likely land directly onto the knees. The force of this impact could result in a knee joint or kneecap fracturing (also called patellar fractures). Most people need surgery in order to recover. Fractures cause immense pain, in addition to bruising, swelling and difficulty straightening the leg. Walking is often not possible after a patellar fracture.

#2 Sprains

Sprains occur when ligaments of the knee are stretched farther than able, and can happen no matter which direction as person is falling. Sprains most often happen due to a sudden movement or twisting. Symptoms associated with a knee sprain include bruising, swelling and stiffness. If the ligament fully tears, surgery is usually needed as the method of treatment. At the time of injury, most people hear or feel a popping in the knee. This sound can be frightening, and pain may be felt immediately afterward.

#3 Tears

The meniscus of the knee joint can tear, especially with a quick turn or twisting of the knee. A tear may heal by itself, with the help of physical therapy. In some cases, surgery is required for the tear to fully heal. During a knee tear surgery, cartilage is removed which can result in knee weakness or permanent damage. A meniscus tear is painful, in addition to the knee swelling with limited mobility.

#4 ACL Injury

An ACL is also known as the anterior cruciate ligament, and is injured when the knee bends backward too far, is twisted or jerked on either side. If an avulsion occurs, it can be the most painful of an ACL injury in which the entire ligament undergoes a full twisting. It is common to hear or feel a popping in the knee at time of injury.

Knee injuries are very serious conditions. Our knees allow us to stand up, sit, move and are necessary for mobility. Knees do take a significant period of time to heal, so patience is important when suffering from an injury and waiting for full recovery. There are also psychological impacts if a knee injury happens to you. It is instinctual for humans to be fearful of pain and falling. It can be emotional and frustrating to not be able to move about at will as prior to the slip and fall. In cases where the fall was especially traumatizing, as falling from extreme heights or down stairs may be, therapy can be helpful as part of recovery.

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