Preparing for a Consultation with a Wrongful Death Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

Losing a loved one can leave family left behind in shambles. The person you have spent your life with is no longer on this earth to provide the companionship you once had. In addition to the emotional impact this is likely to have, the financial impact may also be great. If you have suffered the loss of a person to an accident, you may want to consider whether the person responsible can be held liable. Determining if you have the ability to take action for wrongful death, taking the time to meet with prospective attorneys may be an important aspect to ensuring that you not only have a strong case, but the right wrongful death lawyer Phoenix, AZ trusts to provide you with guidance.

Why should I meet with a wrongful death attorney for a consultation?

If you have lost a loved one and are considering taking legal action against the negligent party, first, consult with an attorney. Prior to choosing an attorney, it will be key that you first take advantage of the consultation that most attorneys offer. You are likely to have number of questions as to your specific case and the process that lies ahead. Many attorneys offer these consultations free of charge, so as not to deter people who may be struggling financially. A complimentary consultation is important for both the attorney and prospective clients.This process gives an attorney the ability to determine if the case is strong enough to pursue. Additionally, prospective clients utilize their time to ask questions and determine if the attorney they are meeting with is a good fit.

Why do so many attorneys offer complimentary consultations?

Many attorneys offer consultations with prospective clients free of charge to draw in clients. It’s not uncommon for someone who has suffered such a devastating loss to also struggle with their finances as well. Having the ability to consult with an attorney to determine the validity of their case can be helpful for clients who are unable to afford to meet with an attorney.

Why is preparation for a consultation necessary?

Most consultations are time limited. You won’t have endless amounts of time to meet with an attorney. In most cases, such consultations last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Preparing for your consultation will be important in ensuring that you are able to get the answers you are looking for; and determine if the attorney you are considering is the right fit for your case.

What can I do to prepare for for a consultation?

Prepare yourself with a list of questions you would like to ask the attorney you are meeting with. Not only will you have questions regarding your specific case, you should also have questions regarding the attorney’s background. Important things to ask an attorney may include:

  • Their education
  • Their experience representing cases like yours
  • How they might legally strategize your case
  • The sort of attention their law firm will be able to provide you with
  • Their fee structure

Additionally, you should prepare any documentation or evidence you have collected that supports your case.

Carefully taking the time to research and meet with wrongful death attorneys will be important for the families of accident victims. Enduring a wrongful death suit can be incredibly stressful and in some cases, bumps can be unforeseen. Failing to consult with an attorney before you retain their services can come with a number of risks. Not only could you end up with an attorney who doesn’t have the experience you are looking for, you may find that they just don’t feel like a match.


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