Common Injuries Due to Inadequate Maternal Fetal Medicine

In the U.S., far too many mothers experience life-threatening or fatal consequences as a result of inadequate maternal fetal medicine. According to a maternal mortality study published in The Lancet medical journal, the number of maternal deaths for every 100,000 births, the rate has risen 26.4% in the U.S. This is in stark contrast to most developing nations whose rate of maternal births has dropped significantly. How can this be possible in today’s world? It is even more tragic when it becomes clear that the vast majority of these deaths are preventable. The issue is that those who are responsible for providing maternal fetal medicine fall short of expected standards when it comes to their duty of care. As a result, the mother may sustain one or more injuries that have become all too commonly associated with giving birth. Worse, the mother and possibly their child may not survive after the birth.

If the mother of your child developed any of the below conditions, even if it was not fatal, contact us. We represent families who suffered one or more injuries due to inadequate maternal fetal medicine or any type of related malpractice. With the guidance of our legal counsel, you and your family may become eligible to recover your damages, including all related medical costs, pain and suffering, and much more.

Internal Bleeding

One of the most common injuries associated with inadequate maternal fetal medicine is internal bleeding before, during, or after pregnancy. In fact, it’s estimated that around 93% of women who bled to death while giving birth died because their caregivers failed in their duty to provide standard and reasonable maternal fetal medicine. By and large, the hospital staff neglects to monitor the actual amount of blood loss of the mother and in failing to do so, the patient dies needlessly. Though they should react immediately when a patient’s blood pressure falls to 85/45 or lower, all too often they fail to do so. Another common issue is that staff may only look for visible signs of blood loss when in fact there may be significant internal bleeding. If your loved one’s caregivers did not quantify the amount of blood loss, or did not go beyond a visual examination for blood by checking blood pressure, they might be held responsible for the consequences. Our legal team has the experience and knowledge necessary to determine liability and hold the responsible parties accountable for your losses.

High Blood Pressure

Another pressing concern for expectant mothers is high blood pressure. Experts determine that around 60% of fatalities due to hypertension are preventable. Both conditions result from abnormally high blood pressure. Hospitals, doctors, and staff are expected to provide adequate maternal fetal medicine to prevent common injuries like these. When they fail in this way, and the patient suffers a serious or fatal injury, assists victims in getting justice from those responsible for their damages and losses.


Hemorrhaging, or extreme blood loss, is another common injury when maternal fetal medicine is not provided to the mother in a timely manner. Around 90% of deaths due to hemorrhaging are preventable. When healthcare providers do not adequately monitor the patient before, during, or after a pregnancy, the mother may suffer extreme blood loss and die as a result.

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