What should I do after an Uber accident and should I hire an Uber accident lawyer?

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Being injured in any accident can be devastating. Apart from the physical pain, you may be experience severe financial losses that could be having a ripple-like effect on your life and the lives of those around you. When Uber, or any rideshare company is involved, the concern about what you can do to recover your losses may be heightened. Media reports over the years have discussed frequently how these companies have created a system that puts nearly all of the fault on the drivers; thereby, making them responsible rather than Uber. Claims involving an Uber driver can be rife with obstacles. You should consult an Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Simple Steps You Should Take Following an Uber Accident

  1. Call 911 if anyone was injured and contact the police.
  2. Get medical attention and be sure all of your aches and pains are documented.
  3. Ensure the police make a police report.
  4. Take photographs of the scene, cars, road conditions, nearby landmarks, and anything else that might be relevant.
  5. Screenshot your Uber app confirming the ride.
  6. Get the contact details and insurance information of the Uber driver, other drivers, and witnesses.
  7. Call an Uber accident lawyer.

It may be possible that you are so injured you cannot carry through with all of these steps. This is okay. As soon as you, or someone on your behalf, can call a lawyer, you should do so.

What You Should Not Do After an Uber Accident

  1. Do not send a demand letter to the Uber driver or anyone else involved.
  2. Do not accept a cash offer.
  3. Refuse to sign release of liability forms, waivers, or anything you don’t understand.
  4. Avoid speaking to insurance adjusters, especially if they are from the other side’s insurance company, before you have talked with a lawyer.
  5. Do not say sorry or admit fault.

Have You Been Injured in an Uber Accident? Call a Lawyer

If you need an Uber accident lawyer, they are here to help. You can rely on them for:

  • High ratings, reviews, and testimonials.
  • Decades of experience.
  • The patience and skill to negotiate with insurance companies of all sizes.
  • Fought numerous rideshare accident claims and lawsuits.

Most law firms accept 99% of all cases on a contingency fee basis. You won’t owe them anything unless they win. This means you have the chance to take legal action regardless of your financial standing.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may have a limited time to pursue compensation. Lawyers are fast and efficient and can get started with your claim as soon as possible.

For a complimentary consultation with an Uber accident attorney in DC, please call a law firm now.



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