Documents to Bring With You to a Child Custody Hearing

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An attorney knows that it can be difficult for parents to know what documents to bring to their child custody hearing. Knowing how to separate what is irrelevant and what is vital can be frustrating to figure out. That is why we suggest getting legal guidance when preparing for your child custody hearing. If you are unsure about what to take with you, you can rest assured that we can provide that clarification. When in doubt, it’s better to bring an extra document with you that you didn’t need after all, than to show up without something crucial. 

Filling Out Necessary Documentation Beforehand

As an attorney may tell you, you don’t want to just attend court with your prepared documents. You will need to complete certain paperwork before the hearing, describing to the court what your stance is and what you are requesting to happen. Along with this, you can attach copies of influential documentation that support your claims. You want the judge to see these documents before going to court.

What many parents may not realize is that the judge isn’t going to hear their side of the story for the first time during the hearing, as he or she has already viewed written submissions associated with the custody hearing. So if you haven’t submitted paperwork for them to look at ahead of time, then you are walking into court with the odds already against you, as it may make you look unprepared.

Visitation Schedule

Keep a log of visitation between the child and the parent without custody. This log must include when the visits happen, where, duration of time, and frequency. If you are the non-custodial parent who wants custody, this can be a helpful angle in showing your involvement in your child’s life.  

Phone Call Logs

The judge is going to focus on which parent can provide the most loving, supportive, and safe place for the child to grow up. You may want to bring phone logs that show how often the other parent makes calls to their child compared to you. For example, has it been weeks since the other parent has contacted you while you were with your child to say hi and ask how they are doing?

Of course, who has custody currently can be a factor, since the parent with custody may not make as many calls since they live with the child. But, if you are the parent without custody you can show that you contact your child on a regular basis to ensure you continue having a strong relationship with them. 

If you are preparing for a child custody hearing, then now is the time to get help from an experienced child custody lawyer in Plano, TX. They are ready to take your call, and answer any questions you have about the process to come. Please contact a law firm now to speak with an attorney. 



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