Paying for a Personal Injury Attorney

Paying for a Personal Injury Attorney

If you were injured by another person’s actions, you probably know that filing a personal injury lawsuit is an option you have to pursue compensation for your injuries. You probably also know that it is very difficult to win a personal injury lawsuit without hiring a personal injury lawyer in Melbourne, FL to represent you. This creates a lot of worries for most people, as attorneys have a reputation for being expensive. This guide will go over your options for paying for legal services.

Legal Aid

Most areas have many different types of legal aid available for the average person. These are services that help pay for legal services or provide them for free. The most common types of legal aid are:

  • Legal clinics – There are clinics that function similarly to medical clinics, only for legal services. These provide legal advice and services at no cost. However, most legal clinics only provide information, rather than representation in court.
  • Pro bono attorney – The American Bar Association recommends that every attorney provides 50 hours of free legal services each year. This recommendation is enough for it to sometimes be possible to find an attorney willing to provide you with legal representation for free.
  • Legal aid law firms – There are many law firms that specifically offer legal services to people who cannot otherwise afford it. These law firms are funded by the state and private supporters.

Representation as the Plaintiff

All the legal aid options provide ways to manage or get around the legal fees, but there is one other option you should consider. If you are the plaintiff in your case, which means you are the one filing the lawsuit against the defendant, then you may be able to pay nothing upfront. It is very common for the attorney of the plaintiff to accept no payment until the lawsuit is won. If you lose your case, you will owe nothing to the attorney.

If you win your case, however, the attorney will claim a percentage of the total amount you receive in compensation. Usually, this amount is around 30 percent. This may seem like a lot, but you need to see things from your attorney’s perspective. He or she is taking on a lot of risk. If the case is lost, he or she will earn nothing. On top of that, your attorney will likely pay the legal fees out of pocket. This can be a great option to still pursue compensation without putting yourself in financial danger.


Thanks to the Law Offices of Arcadier, Biggie & Wood for their insight into personal injury claims and how to pay for an attorney.