Why Should I Hire A Traffic Ticket Lawyer For My Speeding Violation?


If you were pulled over for speeding, chances are you were met with a disgruntled officer and an expensive ticket to pay. Perhaps you were dealing with an emergency but the officer assumed you were making up a story just to get out of the ticket, or maybe you didn’t realize you were driving so fast. It is also possible that the officer got it wrong and you weren’t speeding at all. Regardless of the factors of the speeding ticket, we strongly suggest getting help from a speeding ticket lawyer in Wytheville, VA before paying up. 


What if I don’t understand traffic laws?

Most people don’t have a full understanding of traffic laws. So, if you have supposedly violated a rule of the road, then now is not the time to look up potential consequences and what to do next. If anything, your best bet is to meet with a traffic ticket lawyer for the information you need and how to respond to the ticket. Your lawyer will be able to offer advice based on the unique circumstances of your situation. Trying to browse online for insight from someone who has gone through the exact same thing you have, is likely to only cause additional stress and confusion. 


Is it possible to get my ticket lowered or dismissed?

Each year, Americans pay upwards of billions of dollars in speeding tickets. This amount is substantial, so those who are caught supposedly speeding are likely to have a hefty fine to pay. Those who don’t know they can potentially fight a speeding ticket, may decide that just sending in a check and moving on is the right decision. However, if the ticket was wrongly issued to you, that means you could be spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. Your traffic ticket lawyer can attempt to content the penalty, or at least explain the situation for you in court in hopes that the judge will reduce the fine or dismiss it completely. 


What if I am sure that I wasn’t speeding?

Let’s say the officer pulled you over for speeding, and you are sure that you were not exceeding the speed limit. Now it’s just your word against the officer’s. There really is now way to prove truth, unless you fight to contest the ticket with help from your traffic ticket lawyer. There may have been traffic cameras installed on the road you were driving, so it’s possible to collect that video footage as proof. Your lawyer knows how to gain access to such video if needed.


Is there another option besides paying the ticket?

If there is little chance that your ticket will be dropped or minimized, what your lawyer can do is push for an alternative discipline, such as attending traffic school or doing community service hours. While this surely doesn’t sound appealing for most people, it can be the much preferred option over a suspended license or paying hundreds of dollars for the speeding ticket. 


Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into criminal law and hiring a traffic ticket lawyer for a speeding ticket.