Finding a Court Reporter For Your Car Accident Case

If you have never seen the behind-the-scenes of a legal case, many people do not understand the time and thought it takes to find the right court reporter. In fact, most people who attend court may believe that a courtroom simply comes with a court reporter as part of its everyday proceedings. However, when you are conducting work for a car accident case, you know you need to be able to rely on a court reporter who is accurate and efficient. Court reporters have a unique skill set and are trained professionals who can take what is said in the courtroom and convert that into the written word. When you are defending someone in a car accident, this job is very important. 

In general, what does a court reporter do?

A court reporter is there to be impartial. It is not their job to record only some of the words spoken or to capture words from one side but not the other. They are there to capture all verbal words and then write them down. They create a verbatim transcript that can be used as the official legal record of the courtroom proceedings. When you are the defense in a car accident case, this task is extremely important as you will want to ensure you remember every detail of evidence and what witnesses said. 

Do court reporters only provide access to their transcripts post-court?

No. In many cases, a court reporter can use the latest, most cutting-edge technology to provide real-time access to what both parties are saying during the deposition or trial. This allows what people are saying to be:

  • Broadcasted
  • Live-Streamed
  • Read
  • Searched

This is a great service for those who may be hard-of-hearing or deaf. 

Where can I go to find a court reporter for my car accident case?

You have come to the right place. We know how important it is to make sure every word of a transcript is accurate and precise, and we know you may need this document quickly. When you work with New York court reporters, you know you are getting quality work from a company you can trust. They have likely helped many other attorneys in the past with their car accident cases and when you want to ensure you are providing accurate information to your client and to the courtroom, you can rely on their legal records to back you up.

Thanks to Veritext for their insight into court reporting services and car accident injury cases.