Elder Abuse and Neglect

While no one wants to place their loved ones in a nursing home, there are situations that occur that exceed our areas of expertise.  We are truly taking chances by placing our loved ones in the care of trained professionals, however, often times the option to care for them in your home may be impossible.  Countless agencies advertise assisted living for the elderly and despite the research and due diligence when seeking nursing home services, it remains a gamble.  More and more people are enlisting the assistance of third party entities to do the grunt work and visiting the ones they deem suitable.

For example, if you have a loved one that resides in a nursing home and you have witnessed any abuse or observed injury that could have been caused by please do not sit idly by and allow it to go unaddressed.  While you are not the one in the nursing facility, your loved one may be there because they cannot take care of themselves and have counted on you to find someone who can better assist them with the day to day activities.  One should take the mantra to see something and say something, no matter who may get offended.  If possible, ask questions and take down names of those providing both direct and indirect care to your loved one. Nevertheless, you should remember that the incident occurred through no fault of your own and you should seek help immediately.  The most important factor is getting someone involved who can assist.

Not knowing what to do in a situation where a loved one has been mistreated and possibly irreparable damages are done, please reach out to a legal professional for clarity.  If you’re not certain as to who you can reach out to, contacting your local aid society or researching on the internet to find someone who can better advise you of what your rights are.  A skilled attorney would be able to aid you through the process of determining what, if any compensation is due to you following an accident that results in your being injured.  By seeking the expertise of an experienced attorney, you will get answers to your questions and directions on the next step, if there is one that will get you some results.  Reach out to an attorney, like a personal injury attorney Dekalb County GA residents can trusts, to find out what can be done to make you whole again.

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