Wrongful Death Lawyers in Brooklyn NY

Our Brooklyn NY wrongful death lawyers have assisted the families of many unfortunate victims of unnecessary passings. These deaths are devastating, in most part because they are often sudden and could have been avoided had the responsible party not acted negligently (or maliciously in some cases). Nothing we do can bring back the deceased. Money is likely the last issue on the mind of a grieving family, yet it is important to consider financial options following such an event. A death in the family can cause financial strain for many reasons — funeral service costs, emotional hardship that renders loved ones unable to work for a period of time, and loss of income if the victim was a contributor or sole earner of household income.

Although it is hard to pursue a task as stressful as litigation following a traumatic event, our wrongful death lawyers in Brooklyn NY believe that it is important. In the long run, it will save the family much avoidable financial and emotional strain. Our lawyers understand that clients minds may be preoccupied and are stressed enough as it is, which is why we do our best to alleviate all strenuous involvement such litigation may present.

You may be wondering if the passing of your close relative is considered wrongful death. Here are some examples of wrongful death cases:

  • A victim is killed intentionally.
    Although criminals that kill intentionally will be tried in criminal court, they may also be sued in civil court by the family members of their victims. Due to differences in the standards of proof between criminal and civil court, it is possible for a defendant to be decreed not guilty in criminal court yet found guilty and required to make payouts in civil court. A famous example conveying this is the case of OJ Simpson, in which he was declared not guilty in criminal court yet forced to make large payments to family members of his supposed victims in civil court.
  • A victim dies as a result of medical malpractice.
    Doctors may fail to diagnose conditions, make unjustifiable mistakes during surgeries, or carelessly prescribe medications resulting in overdose. Doctors are human and capable of mistakes, yet this does not excuse their actions in every case. If these doctors acted negligently or failed to follow protocol, family members are entitled to compensation.
  • A victim dies in an automobile accident due to negligence of another party.
    Many car accidents could have been avoided had the responsible party been sober, paying better attention, following road laws or not texting while driving.

These are a few of the many types of wrongful death cases. If a close family member of yours passed away in any way relating to the negligence of another party, whether a person, a company or an institution, you may have a case. One of the few exceptions is if the death occurred at work, in which case you will be better suited contacting our workers compensation lawyers in Brooklyn, New York. If you believe you have a wrongful death case and are entitled to compensation, contact our wrongful death lawyers in Brooklyn NY today for a free consultation.