Brooklyn Workers Compensation Lawyers

Our workers compensation lawyers in Brooklyn NY understand that most people feel safe at work — and indeed most are. Most have been working the same job long enough to feel comfortable in their places of employment. When there seem to be no more surprises and workers let their guards down, a hidden danger of the job or environment may suddenly present itself in a severely destructive fashion. The victims in these incidents may find themselves incapacitated and unable to work, and soon under pressure from the medical bills imposed on them, as well as regular bills that can no longer be paid because the injuries they have sustained have rendered them unfit to work. These injuries may include back and hernia injuries, trauma by blunt objects or falls, machine related injuries, repetitive motion injuries, or exposure to harmful substances, among many other types.

If you are an employee, you have rights that — when pursued appropriately — should allow you to avoid these daunting scenarios. In most cases an employer is required to have insurance on each of his or her employees. However, many employers will be reluctant to bring such cases to the insurance companies for fear of increasing their worker’s compensation costs, losing potential contracts, or disappointing higher level management or owners. In fact, The Government Accountability Office has asserted that The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s annual non-fatal work injuries statistic — a stunning 3 million in 2013 — is considerably less than the accurate number due to “widespread underreporting.” This is no secret to our Brooklyn New York workers compensation lawyers. We have been helping to fight this worrying trend for years by representing those immediately affected by it.

If you feel the validation of your claim will be disputed by your employer, you face retaliation by your employer which may result in losing your job, or you simply need assistance to assure nothing goes wrong during the process and that you receive as much compensation as you need, our Brooklyn NY workers compensation lawyers can help. Do not hesitate. Due to the statute of limitations, these cases are time-sensitive. If you wish to make a claim for workers compensation, contact our workers compensation lawyers in Brooklyn NY today for a free consultation.