Catastrophic Car Accident Injuries

No matter how good and safe a driver you may be, odds are at some point in your life you will be involved in a car accident. It is predicted that the majority of drivers will be in at least three to four crashes in their lifetime.

We have been assisting victims of car crashes and our clients get the compensation they deserve for their injuries to cover medical expenses, lost wages, emotional anguish, pain, and other losses.

Our car accident attorneys have helped victims of:

  •        Aggressive driving
  •        Alcohol-related crashes
  •        Crashes caused by speeding
  •        Distracted driving crashes
  •        Failure to stop or lead crashes
  •        Hit and run accidents
  •        Rear- collisions
  •        Reckless driving
  •        Uninsured accidents

Car Accident Injuries

Victims of car accidents can suffer injuries that range from minor to catastrophic. Even minor injuries can require a recovery time that puts limitations on a person’s life. When those injuries are more serious or severe, recovery often becomes extended, with weeks or months of being unable to work and medical treatments.

Our accident attorneys have represented many clients of car crashes. Some of the more frequent injuries we have seen include:

  •        Brain and head injuries: Even minor brain injuries, such as a concussion, can take weeks to heal. More severe injuries can result in impairment of a victim’s concentration, emotional, memory, speech, and vision. Victims can also suffer from eye injuries, resulting in partial or full blindness or injuries to the ears which can cause hearing loss. Other head injuries include jaw fractures, facial fractures, and loss of teeth.
  •        Back and neck injuries: One of the most common injuries that occurs in car accidents is whiplash. This happens when the ligaments of the neck are stretched and snap back. Disks, ligaments, and vertebrae can be damaged when this occurs. The victim’s spinal cord can also be damaged, resulting in paralysis or other limb function loss. Even minor back and neck injuries can cause chronic pain in victims.
  •        Chest and rib injuries: When a victim is not wearing a seat belt, they often suffer chest injuries or fractured ribs. And although airbags do save lives, they often cause internal injuries or broken ribs. Diaphragms can also rupture in a car accident.
  •        Abdomen and pelvic injuries: Injuries to organs that are in the abdominal area, such as the kidneys, liver, and spleen, are common in car accidents, especially head-on and T-bone crashes. Many victims also suffer from hip fractures and other pelvic-area injuries.
  •        Knee and leg injuries: Because of their position while in a vehicle, especially for the driver, the impact of an accident often causes the knee or other parts of the leg to smash into the bottom-dashboard area. Tearing of cartilage, bruises, cuts, and fractures are common injuries.

Car Accident Claims

A car accident attorney can aggressively advocate for you if you have been a victim of a car crash. Our legal team will fight to get you the financial compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. If you or someone that you know needs to speak to an experienced attorney regarding car accidents, do not hesitate to contact a car accident attorney Des Moines IA needs to ensure that you receiving proper compensation.

Thank you to Johnston & Martineau PLLP for providing their insight and expertise on car accidents.