How to Avoid the Emergency Room While Moving

Moving from your current home space to another requires lifting, stooping, bending, twisting and pulling. Any person who has ever moved before can vouch for the physical toll heaving belongings to and from can cause. While moving, there are tips you should follow that can help prevent a visit to the emergency room. There are ways to relocate safely, without your body suffering during the transition.

Know How to Move Your Body

If you do not practice proper body mechanics, you can greatly increase your chances of a serious injury that requires medical treatment. Here are some body do’s and don’ts that can help you save on hospital bills.

  1. Do bend at your knees, while keeping your back completely straight.
  2. Do lift with your leg muscles, not your back muscles.
  3. Do move slowly & know where your destination is going to be.
  4. Do stretch before and after you haul a set of items.
  5. Do listen to your body, if something doesn’t feel right then stop.
  6. Do not use your shoulders or head as a platform while carrying.
  7. Do not stoop or twist while moving heavier objects.
  8. Do wear appropriate moving gear including gloves and supportive shoes.
  9. Do not wear tight fitting or uncomfortable clothing.
  10. Do clear your path to lessen the chances of tripping on strewn items.

Do Not Move Without Support

It is not the best idea to move all alone. In the event you become injured and are unable to get yourself to the hospital, you have another person who can help you get medical attention. Trying to move something heavy by yourself, can be risking the item falling over and on top of you. If you are unable to find people you know to assist in the moving process, the next tip listed here may be a great alternative.

Hire a Moving Professional

Depending on how much you have to move and your physical abilities, hiring a moving professional may be a great investment. A mover can provide the equipment required to help make moving large appliances go more smoothly and safely for everyone. Even if you have friends who can help you move, professional movers Franconia, VA, residents recommend can offer advanced strategy and efficiency.

Do Not Rush the Process

Moving can be stressful, and many people want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. However, moving too hastily is a fast way to injure your back, extremities, head, muscles and/or bones. If you are under a time constraint, it may be in your best interest to hire a moving company instead. Do not risk injuring yourself because you have less time than you originally thought.

If you do injure yourself while moving, it is recommended you get medical attention right away. What may seem like a minor injury could lead to a more serious condition if it goes unattended to. Your health is most important. By investing in professionals to do the moving, you may actually be saving time, money and energy.


Thanks to our friends and contributors from Suburban Solutions for their insight into moving options.