Who is Liable if I Sustain a Sports Injury?

A sports injury can impact all aspects of life. Thousands of people are impacted by sports injuries when they participate in sports activities such as football, basketball, swimming, etc.  It can cause you to mentally suffer, miss work or even escalate to require medical treatment or hospitalization. If you have suffered as the result of a sports injury, sports injury lawyers Twin Cities, MN residents trust can advise you through the court process and help you to win your claim.

When a professional athlete sustains an injury on the field, their team organization has treatment options readily available to them. A person who has been injured playing intramural sports does not have the same luxury and are often unaware that a personal injury claim is even an option.

How an Attorney Can Help

A personal injury attorney can help you to know your rights and help decipher whether or not you are entitled to compensation. After suffering a sports injury, the injured is left wondering who is responsible. Whether you were playing the sport or spectating, it can be hard to distinguish who is responsible. Your attorney can help to determine who is at fault by first ascertaining if you have a valid case.

The Assumption of Risk & Hazardous Conditions

The Assumption of Risk is the awareness on the part of the participant, that by attending or playing in a sports activity, you are aware that you could be putting yourself at risk of obtaining an injury. It is possible to obtain a smaller compensation in the event that you receive a sports injury despite this.

A caveat to this is if an athlete has sustained an injury as the result of outside factors that may have contributed to the injury. If it can be proven that the injury was the result of improper or hazardous playing conditions due to negligence on the part of the manager or property owner you may be eligible to file a claim. Regardless of the assumption of risk, management is responsible for maintaining facilities so that they are safe for people to enjoy.

Often, there are many financial expenses required if you have experienced a sports injury such as lost wages from time away from work and medical expenses. Your attorney will be able to gather the necessary information to help prove that there is a liable party and obtain the best settlement possible.  



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