Five Questions to Ask Your Potential Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorney

The aftermath of a personal injury claim is rarely simple or easy to handle. Because these cases, by definition, include injuries of varying severity, even finding the strength to discuss the accident can leave victims tired and overwhelmed. If this is you, don’t worry – you don’t have to handle this alone. Finding an experienced personal injury attorney is the best way to see a claim all the way through and recover the financial compensation you need to move on. Let’s look at five questions to ask your potential personal injury lawyer.

  1. What costs am I responsible for paying?

Many personal injury attorneys will take cases on a contingency basis. This means that they pay the upfront costs and take their payment out of your final settlement. Others will require payment on a particular schedule. It’s important to understand exactly how you will be expected to pay in addition to an estimate of the overall cost of the representation. Don’t be afraid to ask for details.

  1. What do you think my case is worth?

You don’t want to pour your time and energy into a case only to receive almost nothing at the end of it all. Ask the potential personal injury attorney how much they believe your case is worth. Then ask why they think that. Have they tried similar cases in the past? If so, how did those turn out? Examine the information they give you and look at what it might mean for your case.

  1. Will you be the person handling my case?

Some firms will conduct their consultations with a senior attorney who has plenty of experience and interpersonal skills to make potential clients feel confident enough to hire them. Once the case is secured, however, it is given to someone else to handle. You have the right to know exactly who will have your information and build your case. Ask the person you’re talking with if they will personally be handling your case or if it will be handed by someone else.

  1. What am I expected to do as part of the lawsuit?

Whether or not you want to be present for all of the various meetings and depositions, you should ask your potential personal injury attorney what you will be expected to do as their client. Are you allowed to take an active role in the lawsuit and attend these meetings or will you remain firmly on the sidelines?

  1. Are you willing to take my case to court if necessary?

Some cases need to go to trial and some don’t. If yours needs to be tried in court, is your potential attorney willing to see it through? If so, make sure they have the experience necessary to do well in court. Ask them if they’ve tried other cases like this in a courtroom and how they fared.

Don’t be afraid of being “rude” when meeting with a potential personal injury lawyer Brookhaven, GA trusts. This is your life and your time and ensuring that a potential attorney has the experience needed to do well for your case is smart.



Thank you to our friends and contributors at Butler | Tobin for their insight into personal injury cases and questions to ask your lawyer.