Who to Sue Following a Truck Accident

When you are involved in any type of accident, there could possibly be multiple parties at fault. The same is true for truck accidents. If you’ve received costly injuries or other types of damages, how do you know who to sue? Your lawyer can help you make that determination, but the following are some options you and your attorney can take a look at.

The Truck Driver
Although they are trained and certified to drive big rigs, truck drivers slip up sometimes, just like everyone else. If the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he or she would be liable for the accident. If he or she didn’t receive the required amount of sleep or didn’t take the required amount of breaks, that could also warrant liability. Driver responsibility might also occur if the driver omitted an inspection, didn’t keep proper records, was distracted while driving, or broke the law while behind the wheel.

The Company for Which the Driver Is Working
In some truck accidents, the company for which the driver is working is found to be responsible for the accident. This could occur if the company required the driver to go a certain distance in an amount of time in which he or she couldn’t do so while still getting adequate sleep. This could also occur if the company neglected maintenance of the truck. If the driver — or any other party involved — alerted the company to an issue with the truck or the load and the company chose to ignore that, liability could land in the company.

The Truck Manufacturer
Sometimes vehicle parts just aren’t manufactured correctly. If a part on the truck malfunctions, liability could fall on the manufacturer of the truck or the manufacturer of the truck parts. The truck manufacturer could also be to blame if they ignored certain safety features that are required by law.

The Cargo Loader
Sometimes a third party loads the cargo onto the big rig. If that’s the case and the accident was caused by an issue with the cargo, it’s possible the loader will be responsible. Loads need to be packaged properly, secured down, and distributed correctly in order to keep the trucker safe while on the road.

Contacting a Lawyer to Learn More
If you are in a traffic accident with a semi truck, you may not know exactly who to sue for damages. That’s where a lawyer comes in to help. Contact a trucking accident lawyer, like a Woodland Hills trucking accident lawyer, to learn more about who might be at fault and what you should do moving forward.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation for their insight into who to file a lawsuit against after a truck accident.