Child Custody Determination

 One of the most difficult family law issues that couples face is child custody. No matter how well a couple may be dealing with the breakup of their marriage, the thought of no longer living in the same house with their child seven days per week can leave any parent feeling overwhelmed and stressed. A friendly divorce can quickly become acrimonious when custody and parenting time has to be decided.

If you are facing any type of custody issue, the geo area child custody attorneys from name of firm can help. We understand how upsetting a custody battle can be and will do all we can do ensure your parental rights are protected.

Custody Laws

Under State law, there are two different categories of child custody – legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody addresses who makes decisions regarding the child’s welfare, including their education and health. Physical custody refers to the time with each parent the child will have. This includes the child’s primary residence, visitation, holidays, and vacation time.

There are different variations of how these custody categories are awarded. For example, both parents may be awarded legal custody, meaning they have equal say on decisions about the child’s education or medical care, but only one parent is awarded physical custody (this is the parent the child will primarily live with) and the other parent is awarded visitation time. 

When determining how custody should be divided between parents, the court will look at what is in the best interest of the child. Some of the factors a judge will consider include:

  •     How old the child is
  •     What the physical health of the child is
  •     What the abilities of the parents are to care for the child
  •     What the emotional bond to each parent the child has
  •     What the emotional bond to their home, school, and community the child has
  •     If there is any history of substance abuse or family violence

Experienced Legal Representation

Although there are child custody cases where both parents can agree on how custody will be divided, the majority of cases require that decision to be made by a family court judge. Trying to fight for custody without experienced legal representation, may result in a parent losing custody because of all the nuances of custody laws. One missed filing deadline could result in an objection to what the other parent’s attorney is proposing to be dismissed.

Contact a Child Custody Attorney

If you are having issues child custody issues or any other family law problems, contact an experienced geo area child custody attorney. Whether you are facing a first-time custody battle or have modification or other issues that need to be addressed,  call an attorney, like a child custody lawyer in Austin, TX, today to schedule a confidential consultation.


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